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BDO is a Global Audit & Business Consultancy Services Network with a 100-year history, resulting in:
- 167 countries coverage
- 1728 operating offices
- 97 292 employees successfully working.

BDO Centers is a Kyiv subsidiary of BDO Germany, an In-house Consulting team and Thought Leader. We grant a diverse services range for 30 BDO Member-firms world-wide. Our Specialties: Consulting, Strategy, Nearshoring, Sales Enablement, Marketing, Communication, Digital Transformation, Research, Analytics, Graphics Services, Business Presentation Specialists, Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

Our accumulated expertise:
- Project-based market research services
- Business Consultancy services
- Graphic design and Digital design
- SEO, SMM and Digital Strategies
- Audit/Tax/Compliance assurance services
- IT Support

Our Team comprises a Team of 120 Professionals that have been selected in course of 3-years of our successful operation in Kyiv. Our Strategic vector is a further rapid development and enriching our services portfolio. We are looking for a prominent Talents who would like to join the Team, contributing international projects execution.

BDO Centers grants our Employees with the cozy office, creative Hub located in the Heart of Podil. We offer a full social package, official employment and extended vacation days.

Our Team grants endless possibilities for self-development and career promotion. The Company grows every day- you grow together with us!
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